Business Phone Systems That Won't Break The Bank.

IT Enabled proudly partners with 3CX to provide you with a business class phone system at a price you can afford.  We’ll help ease the burden of communications and allow you to be open for business however you choose to communicate.

Business phone systems are no longer the primary source of communication in the workplace. Today businesses are contacted via phone, email, instant message, social media and more. Business people regularly participate in video conferences, audio conferences, teleconferences and all sorts of streaming applications. Making all of these communications work without a thought can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Business Phone Systems

Do you need a business phone system that is cost effective and feature rich? We have the perfect solution for you!

Phone services are the leading area of overspend in the business world. This is largely because it’s hard to understand things like VoIP, ring groups, time schedules vs holiday schedules, unified communications etc. We’re here to cut the clutter and make it all work for you just the way you need it, when you need it.

Our robust, fully equipped communications system, allows you to communicate with your colleagues and customers – anywhere, anytime.

The VoIP solution for your business.

With over 600,000 customers globally, it’s easy to see why businesses love 3CX.  Check out these great benefits.

Remote working is easy with web client and mobile apps.  

Make and receive calls from your VoIP desk phone, PC or workstation with ease You can also use your cell phone to make and receive calls from your business phone system.  

Video conferencing is a vital part of today’s business communications.  Our voice solutions including one to one chat, video conference and video calls are included in your system, no add-ons needed.

If you are still using consumer apps to send and receive business sms message, let’s talk. We can help you allow your customers to interact with you instantly  

Incoming calls and texts can be viewed and responded to from a mobile device or a computer with no loss of data between devices. 

If you have a team handling customer communications, that’s no problem. Calls and texts can be assigned to a queue so there’s no relying on a single agent to respond. This means no message goes unanswered even if the user is out of the office. 

Live chat is a great way to communicate with current or potential customers. But it’s so hard to keep up with it all.  

Our VoIP business phone systems allow you to talk with your customers in real time via your website or WhatsApp!  If your business phone system doesn’t integrate with these applications, you could be missing out.

CRM integration can improve customer satisfaction, increase staff productivity and save you time.

Save on your phone bills, add ons and hardware. 

As your managed IT services provider, we will work with you to audit your current phone services solution and develop a phone system solution that could save you up to 80%.

Keep your numbers, choose your phones and your provider.  

Route calls where ever you need.  We work alongside your team to determine call routing policies and set up the system to work perfectly in your environment.

When it comes to VoIP security, 3cx sets the standard.  Built in security features have been exclusively developed to protect your PBX system from attacks.  

This level of security provides users the ability to make and receive business calls without distraction.  

Hosted or on-premise, MiniPC, Hyper-V, VMware or KVM!

Check Out These Features

  • Desk phones
  • Soft phones
  • Mobility app
  • Video Conference Call
  • Voice Conference Call
  • SMS & Texting to business number
  • Call Center
  • Call monitoring
  • Whisper
  • Listen in
  • Barge in
  • Detailed Call Reports
  • CRM Integration
  • Web integration
  • Digital Receptionist
  • IVR
  • Ring Group
  • Social Media Integration
  • VoIP Phone System
  • Dual Dial Tone Services
  • Dedicated Phone Server
  • Number porting
  • Custom on hold music
  • Call Recording

A solution for any business

There are dozens of voice platforms to utilize today.  As an organization, your team needs a business phone system that is easy to use and allows for growth.   The IT Enabled team can help you set up a digital phone system and ensure your team members have adequate equipment to communicate well. 

Contact us to set up a trial of a fully equipped 3CX System today!  We will gladly give you a quick demo and answer any questions.

Apps for Android & iOS Device

Take your extension with you wherever you go. With apps for Android, iOS, web browsers and Windows, you are guaranteed to be kept in the loop, always and everywhere. What’s more, customers can instantly reach you directly from your website with the Live Chat and WhatsApp integration.

  • Make and take calls from anywhere
  • Video Conferencing
  • Instant Messaging and Chat
  • Answer WhatsApp messages
  • Conference Calls
  • Free VoIP calls with your smartphone
  • Encrypted and Secure

User-friendly Web Client / Desktop Apps

  • Work from anywhere – multifunctional web app with inclusive UC features
  • Call from your browser, control your IP phone or smartphone
  • Answer customer queries from live chat, WhatsApp and SMS from one interface
  • Video conferencing at the click of a button
  • Native Desktop App for calls
  • Launch calls directly from your CRM
  • Integrate seamlessly with Microsoft 365
  • View the status of your colleagues

Live Chat: Next Level Customer Communications

  • Chat with your customers on your website
  • Create Chat queues
  • Answer from your web client or mobile app
  • Transfer chats to other team members
  • Elevate a chat to a call or a video with a click
  • Chat reporting available
  • Chat monitoring feature for Managers!

WhatsApp Integration

  • Manage WhatsApp messages directly from one platform
  • Messages are logged, to ensure no response violates company policies
  • Staff do not need to give out their personal WhatsApp numbers
  • Chat conversations are logged centrally
  • WhatsApp messages can be sent to a queue of agents to share the load

Send & Receive Business SMS / MMS

  • Send SMS / MMS to your customers 
  • Route SMS to multiple agents so no message goes unanswered
  • Keep personal mobile numbers private

Integrated Video Conferencing

  • Free for up to 250 participants
  • Initiate with a single click
  • Video conference dial-in
  • Create as a conference or a webinar
  • Remote control assistance for quick & easy troubleshooting
  • Pre-upload PDFs before meetings
  • Includes a whiteboard
  • Share your screen
  • Polling tool
  • Record your videos
  • Includes chat

Call & Contact Center

Advanced call center features increase your customer service, sales, boost productivity and offer support with contact center technology.

  • Switchboard and wallboard
  • Call Center Reporting – user activity, team queue, SLA and more!
  • Queue Strategies and real-time statistics – round robin, hunt by threes and more
  • Call & Chat Monitoring available for Managers
  • Integration with Microsoft 365
  • CRM integration with popular CRMs – Salesforce, Freshdesk and more
  • Call Recordings
  • Hot Desking
  • Create your own call flows with CFD
  • CRM API to develop your own CRM integration

Slash Costs

Your ongoing telco costs will be reduced significantly.

  • Decrease your Phone Bill by up to 80%
  • Licensing based on number of simultaneous calls and not extensions
  • Make free interoffice calls and branch calls
  • Free calls to remote workers with web client and iOS / Android apps
  • Use prominent SIP trunks to reduce outbound call charges
  • Eliminate 800 number phone bills with WebRTC integration
  • Use International DIDs & IP Telephony so customers can call in at competitive rates

Security & Backup

When it comes to VoIP security, 3CX sets the standard. Inbuilt security features have been exclusively developed to protect your PBX system from attacks.

  • Increased secure web server configuration
  • Automatic detection & blacklisting of SIP attack tools
  • Global IP Blocklist automatically updated for participating PBXs
  • Traffic to apps is encrypted 
  • Voice traffic is encrypted via SRTP
  • Automatic generation and management of SSL certs
  • Qualys labs A+ rating and Immunilabs A Rating
  • Automatic failover for instant backup
  • Encryption between browser and the website ensured via HTTPS
  • Limit access to management console based on IP

Call Flow Designer

By utilizing Call Flow Designer you can handle incoming calls effectively, efficiently and much faster. Here are just a few examples of how we can improve your customer service:

  • Call routing based on customer authentication
  • Automatic outbound dialler
  • Callback scheduler
  • Credit Card Authentication
  • Phone Orders
  • Surveys
  • Automated Text to Speech & Speech to Text in 120 languages

CRM Integration

CRM integration can improve customer satisfaction, increase staff productivity and save you time. It supports all major CRMs including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot and more!

This is how it can help you:

  • Call journaling
  • Creates a new customer record for new numbers
  • Saves agents time searching
  • Chat journaling when using Live Chat
  • Call logging in your CRM records

Hotel PBX

Hotel module enables you to provide high-end service, minus the cost. The Hotel Module is optimized for internal and guest communication with features such as:

  • Check-in/out of Guests
  • Sets extension to match guest name
  • Billing of external calls
  • Scheduling of wake-up calls
  • Blocking of external calls in vacant rooms

Looking to make A Change?

We know that changing how you handle your technology is a big decision.
Don’t get overwhelmed with all there is to consider.

We’ll help you walk through every step.  For instance, if you’re looking for managed services provider (MSP) for the first time, we’ll give you pointers on what to ask.  If you’re looking to replace your current MSP instead, we’ll help you collect all of your information to transition smoothly.  Need additional support to augment an exhausted team of technicians? We’re here for you.

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