Cybersecurity management is not for the faint of heart.

At IT Enabled, we help lift the burden of managing cybersecurity for organizations.

As cybercriminals create newer and more advanced techniques for attacking organizations, business leaders are pushed to respond. Unfortunately, many organizational leaders lack the manpower to create, document and maintain cybersecurity policies for their organization.


IT Enabled works alongside our managed IT services customers to assess organizational risk of cyber attacks,  prevent potential threats from happening, train users to spot potential security issues and mitigate cyber attacks that occur.  By doing so, your business leaders are able to focus on reaching organizational goals.

technician providing IT Support for a computer.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessments answer the tough questions before an incident occurs.  Additionally, it puts you in a position of quick recovery if an issue does happen.

The best way to recover from a disaster is to prepare long before the disaster happens.  An hour of planning for an incident can save you countless hours of recovering from one.


The IT Enabled team will work to inventory and assess your current risk.  We will review network, firewall, computers, and servers for common risk factors.  Once we understand your IT infrastructure, we will work to develop a current cybersecurity plan.  This will result in an improved level of preparedness in responding to a cyberattack.


Preventing cybersecurity incidents from occurring takes security measures that are as unique as your business.

Even though cybersecurity policies vary by organization, there are common rules that should be in place for everyone regardless of the business.


Once thought out, we will develop and regularly test a plan to bring your organization back to operational in the event of a data breech before.  Documenting and maintaining these policies helps protect your organization from a potential data breech. It also reduces the impact to your business should one occur.


Your organizational risk is as strong as your weakest password.

No matter how strong your defenses are, users can introduce threats to your company’s networks.  We will work with you to educate users on how to detect social engineering tactics and other scams.  We’ll show your employees how to access the network remotely if applicable.  In addition, we will implement password management tools and 2 factor authentication to minimize the risk of user induced data breech.  If something does happen, we will show your team how to report an issue.

Laptop with vault lock for cybersecurity

Disaster Recovery

IT Enabled customers are confident growing their business knowing that cybersecurity of policies are in place and tested regularly.

In the event of a cyber incident, the IT Enabled team will work through mitigating the issue for you.  We will guide you through how to handle the cyber attack.  Your mission-critical functions such as business phone systems, applications and servers will be operable as quickly as possible.  Our help desk agents will have the rest of your business running at full capacity in no time.


With a solid cybersecurity plan in place and regularly tested, your organization can conduct business full steam ahead.


Looking to make a change?

We know that changing how you handle your technology is a big decision.

Don’t get lost in all there is to consider.   We’ll help you walk through every step.  For instance, if you’re looking for managed services provider (MSP) for the first time, we’ll give you pointers on what to ask.  If you’re looking to replace your current MSP instead, we’ll help you collect all of your information to transition smoothly.  Need additional support to augment an exhausted team of technicians? We’re here for you.


Rest assured, we’ve experienced all of this before.  As a result, we have systems in place that will help ease your team through this transition.

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