Are you looking for managed IT services?

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Managed services provider helps users with their computer

We provide managed IT services to businesses.

This means we help with all sorts of technology in the workplace.

We help with

Managed IT services means we help with the techy things that you don’t think about… or really want to think about…or maybe you just can’t quite figure it out.  Things like why does your network printer keeps dropping off the network, or do you really need to use a different password for every application.  We can even help with things like creating vlans or routing tables on your network.



Whatever it is that’s distracting you from really doing what you need to do, that’s where we can help. In fact, these are the types of things we are really good at doing.

We make technology work for you.

It’s not uncommon for businesses to treat their network and computers much like a household appliance; when it breaks, you pay someone to fix it.  However, break/fix support has a higher long term cost than managed IT services.  It can also have a significant impact on your business and customers.  The goal is to pay a reasonable price and keep technology secure and working for your business and customers.


Because we’re a technology savvy company, we look at your IT infrastructure as a whole.  We find ways to minimize costs and reduce risk to your organization.  As a result, we troubleshoot network issues efficiently and correct them with minimal business interruption.  We also work with your teams to ensure best cybersecurity practices are in place and utilized throughout the organization.


Additionally, we provide help desk style tech support for users, and proactive management of equipment like computers, servers, routers, switches, firewalls etc. Proactive management includes ensuring devices have security updates and patches applied and are working properly.

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Managed IT Services look different for every business.

Each business has different tech support needs.  What works in one organization may not work at all for the next.  That’s why each of our solutions is crafted to fit the unique needs and budget of the individual business.


We’re here to help.  Whether you are small business owner, a director of IT with teams of people under you, or you are somewhere in between, we work side by side to uncover your business needs and develop a strategy that fits your business needs.

Technician working with computer in office.

For the small business owner doing it all:

Business owner, we know you are great at what you do.   It’s exciting to get to do what you love daily. We also know that sometimes you get pulled away from what you really love, to take care of things that are necessary to keep your business running.


It takes a lot of time to set up and manage business technology well.  If you need help with things like ordering the right internet, establishing your email, ordering computers, business phone system, or network equipment, we’re happy to help.


You don’t have to learn IT in order to run your own business. We’re here to help get you focused on what matters most.


As your managed IT services provider, we can help you get off on the right path by assisting and advising you with your technology purchases.  We’ll also be with you as you grow.

Business team reviewing managed services proposal.

For the organizational leader looking to grow:

If you’re leading an organization, we know that you’re watching every dollar spent in order to maximize your profits.  You are likely wearing multiple hats during any given workday in order  make it all happen.


Let’s talk about your current expenses and find ways to reallocate your costs.  The  average business leader find ways to save 20-30% on their technology spend after our thorough technology audit.


We help with things like help desk style tech support for your users.  Need help maintaining computers and mobile devices, or  managing cybersecurity like firewall management and security patches and updates?   We’re here to help you with things that either take up way too much time or are left neglected.


Don’t continue to struggle to do it all alone.  As a managed IT services provider,  we can help.

For the business leader with more users than time to help:

IT team leaders, we know you are knocking things out every day.  You have the best staff out there and love working with them every day.  This is an awesome place to be.


Sometimes you need your team to focus on bigger things.  For instance, when you have a big upgrade coming up and need some help with it, we’re here for you.   Similarly, when you need someone to be your hands and feet at remote locations? We help with that too.  Are you looking at outsourcing your help desk support so you can focus on stabilizing and securing your network?  Give us a call.  If you need a strong network engineers on staff to help manage the network while your team focuses on ensuring you users are supported? IT Enabled is the managed IT services team you need.


Regardless of the size of the project, we are here to help.

Managed Services In Our Communities

At IT Enabled, we know that the businesses we support are made better by the communities we each serve. Because of this, we choose to use our passion for IT to encourage business growth in our communities.  We proudly partner with the Lufkin and Angelina County Chamber of Commerce and the Livingston and Polk County Chamber of Commerce as other organizations to promote the use of technology in the workplace.

Let us show you how to reduce expenses and downtime, improve productivity, and increase your company’s bottom line.