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VoIP Features Every Business Should Use

Not long ago the primary way to communicate with an organization was by searching for their phone number in the phone book.  Once you found their contact number, you used your phone to call the organization to ask questions or voice your concerns about an issue. 
Things are much different today.  It’s easier than ever to contact an organization without ever even using a phone.   You can find out about an organization through their website and even connect via social media like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.  Business phone systems are no longer the central piece of communication, but they are still a big part of it.  Did you know that VoIP phones from IT Enabled can actually help you manage all of these communications?   You read that right. Your business phone system can integrate with applications and allow you to stream line communications from your organization.

Text to your main number

Texting, also known as SMS or short message service, is a way to communicate with others via written message to a cell phone.  It became popular among mobile users in the early 2000’s and in 2007 texting became the primary way most mobile users communicated.  Today, more than 6 billion texts are sent daily.  97% of Americans text weekly and 78% of people wish they could text a business.  

Sending and receiving text messages to a main business number is a request we hear often. Finding an application that can send texts on behalf of your business can be tough, especially if you want to use your main number as the caller ID on these texts.  The great news is that it’s easy to set it up when you have IT Enabled VoIP phones. Your employees will no longer need to share their own mobile phone numbers. They can text to and from their business phone number. This keeps these messages with your business and helps ensure that your customers get responses in a timely manner. We can even set up your SMS messages to be monitored and answered by a group of users in a queue so that they are easier to manage. If one employee goes offline or leaves early, the other team members can take over answering texts without any downtime. You can also use this feature as an additional customer service tool to handle incoming questions without picking up the phone or scheduling a meeting. It’s great for companies where many people work remote, such as call centers.

Mobility Applications

 Many VoIP phone systems come with an application that can be loaded to a smart phone.
These applications turn their mobile phone into an extension of their office phone. It allows team members to make and receive calls, texts and messages from your messenger apps for work and home all from a single device. When using these apps, there’s no need to carry around multiple phones or wonder how to answer the call. Calls are clearly labeled and are easy to answer with the appropriate greeting. If someone is trying to make a VoIP call on their computer but would prefer to speak by telephone, it’s no problem–just migrate the call to the device they choose and continue the conversation. Mobile applications make it easy to work from anywhere.

IT Enabled VoIP phones offer mobility features as part of your service. It’s free to use it and your mobile team is certain to love it. Contact us today to talk more about these features

Social Media and Teams Integrations

Did you know that 72% of Americans use social media? It’s true. In fact, there are over 183 million Facebook users in the United States. As a business, social media is a great way to connect with your customers, increase brand awareness and generate leads. But communicating through all of these channels can be challenging.

The bright side is that some VoIP phones can actually integrate with your social media platforms like Facebook Messenger, What’s app and even Microsoft Teams. IT Enabled VoIP business phone system is one of them. If your team is using multiple applications to communicate with customers, we can streamline your process. Don’t jump from application to application using multiple logins to communicate. Instead of checking these messages in several different places, you can check them all from a single browser window or smart phone app. In addition, Microsoft Teams integration allows your users to call out of Microsoft Teams using your business phone system. These types of integrations minimize communication chaos for your team and offer a seamless unified communication experience for your users and customers.

Chat from your website

Have you ever seen a chat feature on a webpage and wondered how to make that happen? Live chat is a great way to connect with new and prospective customers. It enables your customers to interact with humans easily and can increase overall satisfaction. It also saves time and money for both you and your customers. Data gathered from live chat can be used to help you make business decisions with ease.

IT Enabled business phone system can provide chat features for your website for free. These chat messages go right to the mobile app or web browser for your VoIP phones and allow you to respond from anywhere. Administrators can also control the times of day that the chat is available as well as who is able to answer those messages based on a skill set. With the chat feature, customers get an immediate response to their inquiry while they’re still browsing your website.

Custom Application Integration

Tracking interactions with your customer, patient, donors or volunteers can provide your organization with a wealth of knowledge. But doing this can feel like a huge burden. Automating tasks in this area can save you time and money and get you heading in the right direction faster.

With a business phone system from IT Enabled, we can integrate your VoIP system with your EHR or other applications. This allows you to know know exactly who is calling and have the customer record open before picking up the phone. This saves your agents’ precious time and boost overall customer satisfaction. Don’t copy and paste numbers, and notes any more. Our system integration creates a new customer record for new numbers, logs calls to the customer record so you can see call history and saves your staff time.

What are you waiting for?

Are you interested in using any of these features? Great! You have nothing to lose. Moving to a VoIP solution for your business can save you hundreds of dollars each month. In fact, we frequently are able to save customers 40% or more on their phone bill. If you aren’t using an IT Enabled business phone system, contact us. We’ll develop a solution that works best for your organization needs and budget.  If you are an IT Enabled VoIP customer and want to integrate these into your system, let us know. We are happy to help set you up for success.

Who is IT Enabled?

IT Enabled is a managed IT service provider. We help organizations with 5-500 employees tackle technology issues by providing comprehensive IT including network and tech support, such as computer, laptop and server support, cybersecurity, disaster recovery options and business phone systems. Our business is keeping you focused on your business.

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